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Since we first entered the specialist loans market back in 2002, we’ve built, acquired and grown businesses to become one of Europe’s fastest growing property finance and specialist lending groups, as recognised by the FT1000. Our innovative business model has seen us capture the value chain through vertical integration, allowing us to own the manufacturing and distribution of our lending products. And because of this, we are better placed to offer a seamless service to brokers and businesses – from sourcing the right solutions to providing the right loans and finance agreements.

While all of our companies have a unique capability in the market and provide market leading propositions, they benefit from central services – such as Compliance, IT, Finance, Marketing and HR – which makes them stronger individually, and even more appealing as a group.


Rather than relying on traditional products, we’re always open to new ideas and use our scale in niche markets to develop solutions that match the specific needs of our clients. This flexibility is a huge advantage in today’s changeable markets and sets us apart from many of our competitors.


We don’t ever let complexity get in the way of a competitively-priced loan. Although our talented underwriters use impressive technology to inform their decisions, they also use experience and common sense to make sure they reach the right outcomes. Plus they like a challenge and go out of their way to add value – even if it requires a little creative thinking.


With a team of dedicated, experienced professionals, our compliance team is instrumental in keeping our products and services in line with the latest rules and regulations. It also plays a pivotal role in helping customers, providers and brokers to navigate our highly-regulated industry.


Like any successful business, our people are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we go out of our way to employ the very best in the industry. Our experienced team is full of experts who work hard, care about the details and know how to deliver on their promises.


Our state-of-the-art IT platforms make it effortless for brokers to understand their options, track applications and pass on real-time updates to their clients. Our in-house experts have developed proprietary technology that makes us both efficient in the underwriting process and supports credit decisions. Using this software, information on all our products and services can be accessed in just a few clicks.


Having been in the industry for many years and seen many changes, we know just how important it is to maintain a robust financial infrastructure. Through our equity partners and working relationships with world-leading financial institutions, we have ensured the group is built on solid financial foundations. As well as supporting our ambition and bolstering our service, the financial security we get from our combined businesses gives our clients a great deal of confidence – helped by the fact that we offer an industry-leading return on equity.

Progressive values

Although we’ve made many changes over the years, our values are a constant reminder of what we stand for and what drives us forward.

  • Customer focus
    Whether we’re sourcing products, passing on advice or answering the phone, we are always motivated by what’s best for our customers.

  • Accountability
    Decision-making is a key skill in our industry. So we set high service standards for all of our employees and encourage them to take full responsibility for their actions.

  • Creativity
    In a world that has its fair share of rules, regulation and procedures, we believe that creativity is often the best way to overcome obstacles.

  • Integrity
    Respect is at the heart of all our relationships with customers, colleagues and broker partners. It helps us to think differently, make better decisions and ultimately grow as a business.

We have come a long way in a relatively short period of time

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