There are a number of core behaviours that all employees of the Enra Group work towards:


    All Enra employees act on behalf of the customer in everything they do. This not only means a ‘will to win’ attitude. Every employee is used to leveraging the group’s experience and market knowledge to manage risk effectively too. All of this gets us focused on developing solutions to enhance our customer offering.

    Simply meeting customer expectations means being average. Enra employees on the other hand, have very high service targets. They also demonstrate drive and take responsibility for their behaviour and decisions. And we encourage ownership across the group as we believe this is what makes things happen.

    A company is only as good as its people and Enra’s leaders really set the tone for us. Senior staff are all excited about the direction of the organisation they work for. They believe in rewarding performance, and are adept at challenging the way things are done. It is this that keeps the whole group innovating.

    Enra employees are creative, flexible and highly adaptable to change. They are able to respond to business needs and act decisively. Enra employees also demonstrate both intellectual ability and confidence, and they recognise that the success of our business depends on overcoming problems for our clients.

    To Enra’s employees, integrity means demonstrating moral judgement and acting with honesty while also showing leadership qualities. Our employees behave with respect - not only towards clients but towards other employees too - and they work with confidentiality at the forefront of everything they do.

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